What To Do In Apache Junction, Arizona

apache junction
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For those who have never been to the state of Arizona, Apache Junction is a city in Arizona. It overlaps two counties: Maricopa and Pinal. Six years ago the city had a population of 35,840.

The city got its name from the locally famous junction of U.S. Route 60 and the Apache Trail. There are many places to see, things to do and good food to eat in Apache Junction. But first, you will need a place to stay.

Places To Stay

It’s difficult to suggest a place to stay without knowing if one is looking for luxury or economy. So let’s cover the basics and let everyone choose for themselves. There are 153 hotels in the vicinity of Apache Junction.

It breaks down to 41 two-star hotels with an average cost of $44.00 a night, 67 three-star hotels with an average cost of $59.00 a night and 38 four-star hotels with an average cost of $79 a night. There is something for everyone’s budget and style. There are always lots of deals available online with discounts as high as 55 percent.

The Best Western Gold Canyon Inn & Suites is within 10 miles of the city. It was given an excellent review by online critics. It’s located in Gold Canyon.

If a cost is a concern and you want to be there in the city there are closer places to stay. The Motel 6 has deals as low as $50.00 a night. Mind you, it is only a two-star hotel.

Things To Do

There are many things to do and see in Apache Junction. Here are but a few ideas. If you enjoy golf and/or spas you may wish to visit the Gold Canyon Golf Resort or the Superstition Springs Golf Club.

When it comes to window-shopping or souvenirs, there are places for that as well. Three examples are the Superstition Springs Center, the SanTan Village and the Mesa Riverview. Some highly recommended attractions are the Big League Dreams Sports Park, Commemorative Air Force Aviation Museum, the Hale Centre Theatre, the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch, Superstition Mountain and the Usery Mountain Regional Park.

Popular Restaurants

You will need to eat too, of course. While online critics don’t totally agree, there are a few places that are mentioned by more than one source. The Dirtwater Springs get high ratings. It’s a rustic roadhouse located on the famous Apache Trail and serves American cuisine.

Another noteworthy place in the city is Los Gringos Locos. It is said to be a colorful cantina that specializes in Mexican meals. Lastly, is the award-winning Mining Camp Restaurant which is also said to serve various excellent dishes.

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